The Empowerment Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church is a world-class ministry that connects people to God, empowers, and gives back. Through the vision of Pastor GJ Barnes, the church empowers believers in every area of their life. 

THE VISION (our purpose)

To Connect with God, Empower People, and Give Back. 

Our Church's Core Values

The 5E's:

Evangelism – GO - To connect people to God through Christ

Engagement –  CONNECT - To create a community where everyone participates, fellowships, uses their gifts, and serves

Education – TEACH - To teach God’s biblical principles that enhance the lives of all people and furthers discipleship 

Excellence – SERVE -To serve God and His people with 5-star excellence

Expansion – GROW - To expand and exponentially increase the number of people who are saved, who serve in God’s kingdom, who are touched by community outreach and who are impacted by God’s love

The history of our church is unique. Once celebrated as the fastest-growing AME church in history, we started on April 23, 2000, founded by the Reverend Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant, where the church grew from 43 members to more than 4000 in 19 months. On February 23rd, 2019 the Reverend George Joseph “GJ” Barnes was appointed as our second senior pastor and visionary. The church is comprised of people from all walks of life that believe in serving God and serving people. Reaching more than 5000 people weekly in-person and online, The Empowerment Temple continues to be a beacon of light and an innovative house of worship that impacts the lives of people.